As followers of Jesus Christ we know that God has given all of us a different set of talents, abilities and life experiences to be used for God’s great purpose, to make a difference in the world we live in. Sometimes deciphering God’s calling, and deciding to accept and pursue it are not so simple.

One summer while I was in college I took a job mentoring inner city teens, and helping them be prepared for summer employment. It was in talking with these teen that I realized the gifts that God had given me; I had a loving and stable family, I had been given the opportunity to get an education, I grew up and continued to live in a safe and peaceful neighborhood. It was a late night that summer that I took a stroll to the Chapel in the center of my college campus and a sense of peace came over me. There was no boisterous voice of God calling out to me telling me my ultimate purpose, but instead a calming feeling that I had been called to follow Him wherever my path may lead.

Many times we get caught up in our careers, and allow our calling to go by the wayside. As Christians, we know that careers end in retirement but our calling from God only ends when our Creator calls us home into His Kingdom. Your calling from God is intertwined with your passions and will connect with an area of need in the world. Many times we separate the ideas of work, worship and service but they do not have to be so distinct. The values that are established in your relationship with God can govern how you demonstrate justice, compassion, generosity and how you care for others. While your profession may not be your calling the gifts that make you right for your job, can also help you fulfil your ultimate role in this world.

Joe GibbsThis past week I was able to hear speeches from two Football Hall of Famers, Coach Joe Gibbs and Tim Brown, they both talked about life’s game plan. They shared similar stories, growing up in faithful homes, but allowing the lure of football, money and fame pull them away from their calling. Ultimately they rediscovered our Savior and made the decision to follow His plan for their lives. Joe Gibbs left us with these questions, which I encourage you to search within yourself for your answers:

Are you (or is life in general) just a random accident?

If not: Do you believe there is a planner?

If so: Will you commit your life to the planner?

If you are willing to commit your life to the planner, are you also willing to accept your assignment for your life?