Historically, Christians have cherished the ability to place the deceased within a church structure or in a nearby churchyard. Cremation is recognized as a dignified and theologically sound option for Christians. Church of the Lakes has created a Columbarium where the cremains of its members and their immediate relatives may be kept as part of the Church structure. The Columbarium is a special place inside the Prayer Chapel, off the Sanctuary, a resting place of memories and reflection.

What is a Columbarium?

A Columbarium is an assembly of niches designed to house a deceased person’s cremated remains. Our Columbarium features double niches, with spaces for two sets of cremains, one behind the other. The ashes of the deceased will be placed in a container, which will, in turn, be placed in one of the niches. The exterior of the niches is marble with a bronze plaque where the name and years of birth and death of the deceased will be inscribed.

Purchase of Columbarium Niche

Each double niche is available for purchase by a member of this church. The privilege of inurnment may be secured by a contribution of $1,150 ($800 to reserve a niche, and a $350 one-time inurnment fee to be paid when the niche is used the first time). In order to make the purchase a little more manageable for our church members and to encourage people to plan ahead, we have formulated an interest-free payment plan. An initial contribution of $200 per niche is required, followed by 12 monthly payments of $50 each. These payments should be made in the Church Office, and not put in the offering basket. Once the contribution of $800 has been received, a Certificate of Purchase will be issued. The remaining $350 may be paid at that time, or at the time of inurnment.

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If you have further questions or would like to reserve your niche please contact Diana in the Church Office or Ken Spangler, Chair of the Columbarium Committee, 330-499-8972.