Our History

Church of the Lakes began in 1956 in the basement of Bill and Marilyn Melvins’ home. The church was formed to meet the needs of the growing Lake Cable area with the support of Rev. Hugh Graham and Church of the Savior United Methodist.

The Charter Sunday Bulletin in 1956 contained the following statement:

The Church is a place where –

* The Word of God is preached
* The Power of God is felt
* The Spirit of God is manifested
* The Love of God is revealed
* The Unity of God is perceived

The congregation outgrew the Melvins’ basement and moved to the Lake Cable Clubhouse. In 1960 an education building was constructed followed by the sanctuary in 1964. The church was intended to be an outreach to the area serving as a spiritual, social and community hub. The cornerstone for the new Activity Center was laid in December of 1999. Our latest edition, built in 2006, offered room for additional classrooms and office/meeting space.

Our Logo

Our logo reveals the heart and soul of our Church and was taken from the unique cross design that was placed on the exterior face of our sanctuary during its construction in the 1960’s. It was then replicated and placed on the newest addition in 2009. We plan to replicate this design at future multisite locations.

The Cross shows our intentional connection with God and with one another. Specifically, the vertical beam signifies our holy relationship with God built through worship and prayer. The horizontal beam signifies our deep contact with one another as mandated by Jesus for the church to be a relational experience. The circle is symbolic of our never-ending commitment to being disciples of Christ. The rays show the action of our service as we reach out to others and spread God’s mercy and love.

In addition, you will notice the water at the bottom of the cross. We are CHURCH OF THE LAKES. This is not only a reference to our geography nestled around Lake Cable, Lake O’Springs, and Lake Slagle, but it is a visual reminder of the waters of baptism, the refreshment of the Spirit, and Christ as our Living Water who nourishes our lives and refreshes our souls.

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