Traditional Service Worship: 11:00 am – November 11, 2018

Dr. Pastor Bryan George

Title: “Leaving a Legacy – Modeling Holy Habits”

Text: Proverbs 22:6, 27:17; 1 Timothy 4:7-9, 2 Timothy 2:1-7

Focus: Handing down a faithful legacy requires the: the dedication of a soldier, the discipline of an athlete,
and the diligence of a farmer.

I.  A long obedience in the same direction
The habits that shape our life
Walking in the morning: Going the length of Japan in ten months

II. Paul’s letters to Timothy: Preparing to pass the torch of his legacy
The soldier’s dedication (v.3-4)
Focusing on our mission rather than getting entangled in the small stuff
“The price of freedom surely feels incredibly high to all those of us who know and love
our individual soldier, but the value of freedom is immeasurable to all who know and love
America,” Jennie Taylor widow of Brent killed last week
Are we modeling a fully focused faith to the next generation?
The athlete’s discipline (v. 5)
The preparation, discipline and obedience it takes to win the race
Pavel Maslak claimed the world indoor 400 meters despite finishing third
Are we modeling holy habits of spiritual discipline?
The farmer’s diligent hard work (v.6)
Advice from a canal boat captain “Be a good man, give your heart to Christ, pay the Lord
all that belongs to Him, make an honest soap, and I’m certain you’ll be a prosperous and
rich man.” Pivotal moment for Wm Colgate
Are we modeling a diligent work year after year?

III. Handing down a faithful legacy
The funeral of Eugene Peterson author of A Long Obedience in the Same Direction
“For 50 years you’ve been telling me the secret. It’s the same message over and over:
God loves you and is on your side. God is coming after you, and He’s relentless.”

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