Traditional Worship: 11:00 am – Feb. 18, 2018

Pastor Dr. Bryan George

Title: “This is a Real Mess”

Text: 1 John 1:5-10, Romans 7:14-20, Luke 18:9-14

Focus: We are made in the image of God but the grime of sin covers us and hides the great beauty that God intends. The first step in becoming restored is to realize we are out of alignment
with God and then allow the Master Restorer to start working on our alignment.

I. The four year anniversary of the Bowling Green Sinkhole
8 gorgeous Corvettes destroyed in an instant mess
The mess of sin that we fall into!

II. The Parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector (Luke 8)
The spectators trusted in themselves and treated others with contempt (v.9)
The Pharisee was disliked because of the self-righteousness
The tax collector was despised because of the fraud

III. The ‘preying’ of the Pharisee (v. 11-12)
Focused on comparison, and self-sufficiency
The challenge of always seeing ourselves better than average
Trying to manage the measurable
Tithing and fasting for show

IV. The ‘praying’ of the tax collector (v. 13)
Standing away and looking down Saw himself as sinner
Focused on a desperate need for God’s great mercy

V. The twist of the parable: The tax collector went home in alignment with God
The enemy of pride lurking: “all who exalt themselves will be humbled” (v. 14)
How do we get into alignment?
1) the first step is realizing we are out of alignment. We are a mess!
2) second step is to realize we need help in getting us back in line
The unveiling this week of the 1962 Black Corvette: Better than before!
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