Sunday Sermon: July 14, 2019

Pastor Bryan George

Sermon title: Sibling Struggles: Finding Peace with a Wayward Sibling – The Prodigal Son’s Older Brother

Scripture: Luke 15:25-32

Focus: Those who do well and right often resent those who are wayward and lost. The point is not to be right but to make it into the hands of the Father.

I) The creeping sin of righteous indignation

  • Falling in the trap that our spiritual status is dependent on service and obedience

II) Two contrasting brothers (Luke 15)

  • Reckless or Responsible
  • Desperate or Dutiful
  • Appreciative or Angry
    • Accepting the invitation to the party (v. 28)

III) The Hidden Problems of the older brother

  • Lack of gratitude (v. 29)
    • “What have you given me?”
    • Forgetting that our blessings come from God
  • Lack of connection (v. 30)
    • “This son of yours”
    • Sybil Cannon and Uncle Chester

IV) Finding peace with the “other” brother. What is the end?

  • Did the brother go to the party?
  • Did the brother admit his own need for forgiveness?