Over the past few weeks we looked at why The Gospel of Jesus is not being shared and heard in the world today. Now, let us learn how we can better become Grace Dispensers, and share the Good News with the world.

In 1 Peter chapter 4, we are called be like good Stewards of the manifold grace of God, serve one another with whatever gift each of you has received. Every follower of Jesus Christ has been given a gift, which will help spread the word of God. We have to keep in mind that we are simply stewards of these gifts, and God is the owner. As God has entrusted us with these gifts, we must not squander or bury them, we must use them for His intended purpose.

God wants us to use whatever gift He has blessed us with to serve Him and each other. In doing so, we will help to spread his message. Philip Yancey discusses several ways that we can be Grace Dispensers depending on our talents:

Pilgrims are fellow travelers joining people on their spiritual journey. A pilgrim may invite someone to join a small group, or get involved in fellowship events. The pilgrim is hoping to show those around them how Jesus can be involved in everyday life.

Activists are performing practical acts to carry out God’s will on earth. An activist will be serving the community and spreading God’s love and grace. The activist has a heart for others, and hopes that their actions will attract others to follow Jesus.

Artists are examples of God’s greatest work. An artist has likely studied the Bible extensively, and can truly be considered a disciple of Jesus Christ. The artist will not only want to share the Good News, but to teach others to be disciples as well.

We must make the effort to take in what God has given each of us, along with the power of the Holy Spirit, and dispense joy, peace and purpose to the world. Otherwise, we will be simply sucking in the sin of the world and spewing out the toxicity of hate, fear and anger.