Join us this summer as we build a home for the Moyer family!

Building will begin in July 2020 and continue through October.

To volunteer for building projects click here. If you need help registering please contact Kara with Habitat for Humanity, 330-915-5888.

**We also need help with snacks, lunch, daily prayer, safety and photography. To volunteer for one of these opportunities contact the church office, 330-499-8972.

About the Moyer family:

Future homeowners Deanna and Dustin dream of more than just a place to live – a home that blesses their family for generations to come. While talking about the impact their new home will have, Deanna fondly recalled that her grandparent’s home is still in the family after 60 years. “I want that stability and structure for our kids. I want our grandkids to grow up in that home,” explained Deanna. “A home where you have roots and can walk through the house with your eyes closed and know it on a personal level because it’s a part of your family, not just where you live.”

Currently, the family rents an old home with numerous issues. These include windows with rotting panes and missing screens, faucets held in place with duct tape, missing ceiling tiles, and chipped plaster. The electricity is faulty with wires improperly installed or using the old knob and tube wiring system. Most rooms have only a single outlet and extension cords are used throughout to transfer power. New flooring is needed but contractors will not take the job because the foundation is damaged, causing a 6” sloped difference from one end of the house to the other. The house itself sits a mere foot from the building behind it – a huge problem when maintenance is needed. Water and moisture become trapped between the buildings and is rotting away the entire back of the house. There is mold in the basement and one of the bedrooms from this damage. Overall, the couple knows this is not the best environment to be raising their children or hosting their large, blended family. Between the two of them, Deanna and Dustin have six children, one grandchild and another one on the way. Still living in their home are Raelyn, Riddik, and Dylan who are so excited for their new home and appreciative of their parents’ hard work. The three young people look forward to having new bedrooms and outdoor space to play football, soccer, draw and read.