Stark County has less than 50 Court Appointed Special Advocate, or CASA, Volunteers, and nearly 400 children who need them.  Volunteers are the eyes and ears of judges. They are the voice of a child in court and the “adult” reasoning to advocate for them.  Their “CASA Kids” are juveniles – not juvenile delinquents.  They are children caught in the system, caught in the welfare system of no fault or choice of their own.

Stark County needs volunteers.  Stark County also needs ambassadors who can “spread the word” to people who want to be volunteers.  People who understand the program.  The volunteer commitment is training, the empowerment to choose who you help, and the good feeling that a child you speak for and get to know has a better chance of succeeding.

Statistics show that “CASA Kids” with CASA Volunteers have better educational outcomes and a faster track to permanent homes – whether that it be their biological home or a new adoptive home.

Jim Molnar and Amanda Williamson will be presenting information for anyone who may be interested in being a Court Appointed Special Advocate for children through the Stark County Family Court. Please join us on Thursday, May 7th 6 – 8 pm in room 203 to learn more about the program and how you can be involved.