Disciples are called to be extravagantly generous people. This includes our time, our energies, and our financial resources. The generosity of our time and energies is included in the discipleship dimension of ‘a life of service.’ Here we focus on the use of our financial resources.

In a culture that struggles with what has often been referred to as ‘affluenza’ – the disease of consumerism and materialism that is eating away at our lives-a life of generosity provides an antidote. It reminds us that our worth comes not from what we have, but from whose we are. It weans us away from a dependence on material things and frees us to be responsive to how God might use us to transform the world and make a difference in people’s lives.

A life of generosity is a movement of God’s grace that invites us to discover that we are merely managers of what God has provided. When we are faithful with the resources with which God has entrusted us, not only are we blessed, but God blesses others through us.

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