Check-In Process for our Children’s Sunday School
Nursery – 4th grade

When parents drop their kids off at Sunday school, they are entrusting church volunteers with not only the spiritual well-being of their children, but their children’s safety and security as well. We have been fortunate that we have not had any children lost or sent with the wrong person, and we want to keep it that way!

With 11 separate open entrances to our church each Sunday morning, new church guests every week, and challenging family circumstances (i.e. child custody issues), we have implemented an electronic check-in process for children from nursery through 4th grade.

Having an electronic check-in process makes a definitive statement that child safety is a top priority for Church of the Lakes. It also gives teachers and staff important information about each child that they need to provide the highest level of care. The children’s check-in system reinforces the commitment of our Children’s Ministry to being efficient, organized, safe, and focused on the children in our care. This makes a powerful first impression and creates a desire for new guests to return, as well as a sense of security for our members and regular attendees with young children.

Please review the new procedure below. We look forward to continuing to provide an excellent Sunday morning experiences for your entire family.

God Bless,

Angela Schneider
Director of Christian Education

Weekly Sunday School Check-In Process for all children nursery – 4th grade:

  • Visit the computer stations in the area across from the baby comfort room, near the side entrance to the Sanctuary.
  • Check in your child(ren).
  • Put the printed label with your child’s name in a location on the child’s clothing that will be visible during class.
  • Keep the parent label as you will need it to pick up your child(ren).
  • Take your child(ren) to their Sunday school classroom. Volunteers will be able to direct you to the correct room.
  • Enjoy your worship service!
  • After service, take the parent label to your child’s classroom and show it to a Sunday school teacher. They will confirm that the child’s name and the unique family number on your label match the child. Two parent labels will be printed so that parents or grandparents can pick up children from different rooms.

Please Note:

  • Children MUST be picked up by an ADULT, they will NOT be released to older siblings.
  • Adults MUST have the parent label to pick up a child. If the label is misplaced, you must provide an ID before your child will be released.

These procedures are in place to ensure the safety of all children.
We appreciate your cooperation.