Pastor Jared led mission trips to the Bo District of Sierra Leone in June 2018 and May 2019. These trips allow us to see the real impact that our congregation is having on the people in this area. Through a partnership with Helping Children Worldwide (HCW) our Capital Campaign Tithe will help support Mercy Hospital and their outreach efforts in Manjama and beyond.

Click here to see photos from our most recent mission trip.

The tithe from the first fruits offering was $38,000

This money has gone to help Mercy Hospital build a new Operating Room with updated equipment. At the beginning of 2019, HCW ordered a Universal Anesthesia Machine (UAM) that will be professionally installed and the Mercy Hospital staff will be trained on how to use this equipment. By the end of February, the medical team will be able to perform life-saving surgical births in a low resource environment, because the UAM is engineered to operate even where electricity is subject to sudden outages.

They were also able to purchase a blood bank refrigerator with a 200 liter capacity to be used to store blood for transfusions needed during surgery.

Mercy is making an enormous impact on Maternal/Infant outcomes due to difficult deliveries, particularly for expectant mothers who choose not to seek medical attention due to fear of being turned away or incurring costs they have no means to repay. Mercy provides these services without regard to patient’s economic status, and does not charge indigent patients for services.

Mercy is truly becoming a regional hub for maternity services in the Bo District, including the outlying villages, such as Manjama, and Church of the Lakes is a big part of that change.