We encourage you to watch this video video about multisite to learn more about this process, and visit Canal Fulton UMC’s website to learn more about their congregation. In addition, here are answers to some frequently asked questions.

Questions and Answers

Q: Are we taking over Canal Fulton UMC?

A: No, we are planning a merger with Canal Fulton UMC. Much like a marriage we will combine resources, including but not limited to: our mission, finances, organizational structure, congregations and staffing.


Q: Will Church of the Lakes change its name?

A: Church of the Lakes will become Church of the Lakes Lake Cable Campus; while Canal Fulton UMC will become Church of the Lakes Canal Fulton Campus.


Q: Would moneys designated for a specific project at one campus remain or be folded in to the general fund for both churches?

A: All money designated for specific projects will remain utilizing our memorial fund. Our general budget will be revised to include the contributions and expenses from the Canal Fulton campus.

Q: Will our Sunday bulletins be for our congregation only or will we be seeing information that really does not pertain to us?

A: Weekly announcements in the bulletin and enews would have items that pertain to all of us, both the Lake Cable and Canal Fulton Campuses. Though each campus will still have different fellowship events and groups, the entire Church of the Lakes congregation will be encouraged to participate in all of them. Both campuses will be doing the same sermon topics, and all-church small group studies. However, if there is an event or small group through the Canal Fulton campus that you are interested in, we hope that you will take advantage of it.

Q: Will we be required to worship at the Canal Fulton campus? 

A: We do not make any requirements for which campus or service you attend. However, some people from each current congregation will be asked to be part of a Launch Team to help with the merger transition. It will be up to those individuals if they choose to remain at the Canal Fulton campus or return to the Lake Cable campus (or move on to the next multisite location) after the transition period is complete.


Q: Will our Pastors be preaching at the other campus?

A: Just as there are weeks when Pastor Jared preaches at the traditional and 9:30 service, and Bryan preaches at Oasis, there will be times when Pastor Don will preach at the Lake Cable Campus and one of our Pastors will visit the Canal Fulton Campus. We anticipate this happening 2-3 times per year.


Q: Why Canal Fulton UMC?

A: The leadership of our Church, District and Conference have all felt the call of our Lord to focus our multisite efforts on Canal Fulton UMC. Don is a vibrant and engaging personality and has led in a very short time an analysis with Canal Fulton leadership regarding the long-term vision of the community. The City of Canal Fulton is a growing area as the suburbs continue to expand. Canal Fulton UMC has many thriving programs including: their preschool, fellowship events and small groups that we plan to keep and even expand through this merger.

Q: What if there are problems with the Canal Fulton building or financials?

A: Canal Fulton UMC is currently making improvements to their building, such as a new roof. At this early stage, a team from the present Church of the Lakes is inspecting the building in Canal Fulton to look for long-term items to address. These inspections will help the trustees plan for any upcoming expenditures just as they do with our current building.


Q: How long will be have to pay for this second campus?

A: Through our Answering our Call Of The Lord Capital Campaign and the matching funds committed from the East Ohio Conference enough money has been pledged to help with needed updates in order to modernize the worship space for the Canal Fulton campus and help this vision get underway. Beyond these expenses we anticipate that Canal Fulton will be able to remain self-sufficient through their own contributions while utilizing our combined resources for some cost savings.


If you have additional questions, please email Pastor Bryan.