After researching pew refinishing options, it was determined that the cost of pew refinishing was higher than replacing them. The benefits of having new pews includes a warranty on the new pews, an opportunity to improve pew spacing, better cushions and consistency in appearance throughout the Sanctuary. The funds allocated for this project will also cover the cost for replacing the choir pews, platform furniture, communion rail and recovering pads on the chairs in the wings.

This project will take at least 3 weeks, resulting in all worship services taking place in the Activity Center during that time. More details will be coming as we approach the date.

Bell Tower 

The Bell Tower was removed on Wednesday, August 29th and placed in the parking lot behind the Activity Center for repairs. The repairs will be both cosmetic and structural and will take several weeks to complete. When all repairs are done the steeple will be placed back on top of the church.

Original Bell Tower
The Bell Tower originally installed in 1960.
Bell Tower
The Bell Tower being removed on August 29, 2018.
Bell Tower Work
Repairs being done to the Bell Tower. After removing the copper dome, most of the wood underneath was rotting and had to be refabricated.

The steeple was placed back on top of Church of the Lakes on Friday, October 5th.


Some of the Air Conditioning Units have been replaced. We continue to be proactive in service and replacement when necessary to avoid additional costs or uncomfortable conditions due to emergency repairs.


The interior of the building has been painted. The fresh coat of paint has really brightened the walls, and given the building a needed refresh.