To give online, or use Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) click here. For online giving please select “Capital Campaign 2018-21” in the “I want to give to” drop down menu.

Our initial pledge drive and first fruit offerings are complete. However, the campaign is not ending it is just beginning and the church will be actively inviting and accepting commitments for the next three years.

The approximate pledge total is $1,950,000. Our tithe to Sierra Leone will be based on the total monies received. As for the remaining dollars beyond the $1.5 million goal, the Leadership Team will explore options to establish a reserve for the long-term infrastructure needs of the congregation.

Our first fruits offering was $385,738, almost 20% of the total pledged. We are well on our way to making the local and global impact that was been the driving vision behind Answering our Call Of The Lord.

As your pastor, I am always seeking ways that our congregation can make an impact on our community and world. In a time when many people hunger for authentic community, I believe a vibrant faith family is the best way to foster strong relationships with the Lord, and one another. Answering Our Call Of The Lord is an opportunity for our faith family to come together to transform our ways of doing ministry to reach new disciples of Jesus Christ and grow our community outreach for future generations. Through our sacrificial gifts we hope to: retire our remaining debt of just over a million dollars, restore our deteriorating bell tower, reach new disciples by allocating funds to start a multisite ministry and respond to a global health need by offering a tithe to United Methodist hospitals in Sierra Leone.
Grace & Peace,
Pastor Bryan


There have been various communications from our Capital Campaign team:

Click here to view videos of the in-service and video testimonials from the campaign.

In early March, we sent our Vision Brochure, describing the four areas of focus for this campaign, and a prayer reminder card, to help you remember to pray daily regarding the campaign “Lord, what do you want to do through me?”

Beginning March 11th, the Capital Campaign prayer team contacted members of our congregation through phone calls and/or email inviting you to join us in praying “Lord, what do you want to do through me?”. They also asked how we can pray for you.

Beginning April 8th, our Sunday morning sermons focused on how you can Answer the Call of the Lord through gratitude, ministry, prayer, faith, sacrifice and commitment.

Beginning April 9th, the church emailed a 21-day devotional guide to help you focus on prayer and conversation with God. Printed copies are available at the Welcome Center.

Presentations were made in small groups and through home gatherings regarding the campaign.

In early April, we sent our Detail Brochure, answering some frequently asked questions.

We had a self-guided prayer walk throughout the church April 22nd – 27th.

On Sunday, April 29th we had a Celebration Event in the church parking lot, to generate enthusiasm for what God will do with our congregation. We had food, conversation about the capital campaign & prizes for the whole family.

On Sunday, May 6th we gathered to offer our three-year commitments to support the vision of the campaign. If you would like to make your commitment online click here.

Finally, May 20th – June 3rd we offered the first portions of our three-year commitments as declared by God in the Old Testament, as our “first fruits”. To give online, or use Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) click here.